Interesting gotcha when creating a new server instance in coldfusion 8

>> Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I just came across an odd error when trying to create a new coldfusion 8 instance on my macbook using the CF administrator and running the cf admin for the instance for the first time.

Permission denied for creating Java object: coldfusion.server.SystemInfo.

Access to Java objects in the ColdFusion package has been disabled by the administrator.
luckily it was a simple fix but as it's a bit of a gotcha it's worth mentioning so it can be kept in mind and also might help anyone else who ends up scratching their heads trying to figure it out.

Basically what was happening was the new instance had inherited the settings from the parent CF instance and in the Server Settings -> Settings page I had enabled the option to 'Disable access to internal ColdFusion Java components'

Which for some reason when firing up the new instances admin page must have been tricking itself into thinking that it was an unauthorised script and then triggered the error.

To fix it I just deleted the new instance, unchecked the setting and recreated the instance and all was right with the world once more.