Interesting new mac app: HyperSpaces

>> Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Spaces is one of the newer features of OS X that never quite settled right with me. On paper it sounded fantastic, switch between different screens each setup for a different task but in reality it was a bit too bland, each space looked just like the others to the point that you may not immediately know which one you were in. In the end I disabled spaces with the faint hope that a later version of OS X would include further enhancements.

Today whilst reading through my various RSS feeds however I noticed an entry on Gawker site 'LifeHacker' recommending a new app for OS X that added functionality to spaces called HyperSpaces.

The blurb on the apps homepage describes the app thusly...

"Hyperspaces is the ultimate way to customize your spaces. Customize each and every space the way you want using colors, desktop pictures, text labels and even the name of each space!"

At the moment it's only in public preview so don't expect it to be fully polished but even in it's pre-release state I can already see that this may be the app to make Spaces useful enough to spend some time looking at it. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on the app as it heads towards a full release candidate.