My Perfect OS X Coldfusion Dev Environment - Introduction

>> Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Like my old nan used to say "A well organised developer is a productive developer".

Actually she didn't say that at all she isn't quite sure what a developer is, but if she did know what a developer was and was asked a question regarding the impact of organisation on their productivity she possibly might say something to that effect.

For most developers time IS money (or at the very least time that could be better spent elsewhere, like the pub) and regardless of if you work for a fortune-500 company, you're a freelancer or you just enjoy building sites for your own personal enjoyment time and effort used for a task that could have been avoided with a bit of advanced thinking is essentially wasted. You'll never get that time back. Ever!

It can be avoided however, by making sure that the platform you are working upon is capable of meeting any needs that may crop up in the course of a development project you can start to put into place working practises that will save you time and reduce the amount of effort spent doing things that don't directly contribute to the success of said project. For example would you rather spend an hour trying to configure a development site each time you take on a new project or spend an hour or two creating a script that will take 5 minutes to configure and then generate that environment for you? if your answer is A what the hell are you thinking, I didn't letter the options, stop making up quizzes in your head. this won't be on the mid-term.

It is my intention with this series of upcoming blog posts to take you through the setup of my personal development machine with all the tools you could possibly need to develop web applications centered around the use of CFML (note: that does not exclusively mean just coldfusion) on the OS X operating system (because we all know macs rawk!). Once we have a nice solid dev environment to work in we'll then go on to explore how we can automate and eliminate some of the more tedious and wasteful tasks that could potentially get in the way of us getting to the pub on time.

That concludes this brief introduction to this series of posts. the first proper installment in the series of guides will be posted shortly after this one.

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