My Perfect OS X Coldfusion Dev Environment - Installing Coldfusion 8 pt 1

>> Friday, 31 October 2008

This post is going to be of little interest to most people as running the installer is fairly straightforward but it does include some minor changes to the default install that will be used as this series of posts continues and will have a knock on effect as the time goes on with regard to location of files etc. so apologies if this feels a little like I'm trying to teach you to suck eggs but it is pertinent in the grand scheme of things honest guv.

Right lets jump straight into things, go and download the 8.01 64-bit developer edition installer for os x from the Adobe site, unarchive it to a sensible location on your hard drive and run the installer.

The installer uses a wizard to gather details about the install requirements just choose the following options...

The first screen with nothing important on it [next]

accept/agree to license [next]

tick developer edition checkbox [next]

choose multiserver configuration [next]

is jrun4 or cf8 already installed? select no [next]

check all subcomponents to install [next]

install jrun4 in default location [next]

accept/agree to livecycle data services es license [next]

no need to enter lc ds es serial [next]

migrate settings? no [next]

configure web server connecter for CF [add]

webserver: apache

accept default locations for cfg, binary and control script [ok]


choose webserver location [choose]

select /Users/{your username}/Development/Sites/MachineName.local/webroot/ [open]


enter administrator password and confirm it [next]

leave enable rds unchecked [next]

enter os x admin password to enable installer to run [next]

double check install settings look something like those below then... [install]

Installation Type:
Multiserver configuration

Developer Edition

Installation Directories:
Product: /Applications/JRun4
Web root: /Users/Ciqala/Development/Sites/badapple.local/webroot

Server Information:
JRun Server: cfusion
Web Server: Apache (/private/etc/apache2)
Port: 80
Search Services: not installed
Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES: installed
Documentation: installed
RDS: disabled

Disk Space Information (for Installation Target):
Required: 352,474,613 bytes
Available: 60,494,663,680 bytes

After a short while we have a message informing us of Good Success!

The final screen of the installer will appear with a few options of what to do next. Uncheck the option to launch the config wizard in the default browser as we need to make some changes to apache first as we moved the webserver location so we need to make some changes to apache to set up our proper 'default' site in the location we specified.

In part 2 (coming immediately hereafter) I'll take you through configuring apache for virtual hosts and we'll set up our first site which we'll be using as a generic location for various tools that are useful for more than just a single project.


WilGeno 31 October 2008 at 14:54  

That's about what I did. Working with CF on OSX is easy. Are you going to go into installing a DB server? I put PostgreSQL server on my MacBook Pro since I use PostgreSQL in production. Real slick and fairly easy to do.

I also setup virtual hosts with Apache and edited my /etc/hosts file to have local 'dev' urls resolve for various websites I'm developing. So points to the root of the website I'm building. Which is also the same folder and my CFEclipse project folder.


Ciqala 31 October 2008 at 15:28  

howdy :)

yes I will be installing a db engine (in fact i'll probably be covering at least 2... mysql/sql server) in fact i have half the mysql post in draft form already.

the goal of these posts is to get to a point where there's a nice stable development platform which admittedly is not the most riveting of topics but then i'm going to expand out into clever stuff like automated creation of projects and scripted migration between development and QA/testing environments and also how to bundle apps for distribution.

keep checking back as the further along I get hopefully the more interesting things will get.