Removing software updates from update list without installing them (OS X)

>> Wednesday, 22 October 2008

As you will have gathered from my last post there is currently a problem with the latest Java update for OS X being incompatible with Coldfusion 8 with the recommended course of action being to avoid installing the Java update until the supported JDK version for CF8 changes.

The only problem is that everytime you run Software Update it'll check the update and you're a slip of the mouse away from accidentally installing it. Given that there is no way to reverse the update without reverting to a backup (or formatting and re-installing) this is a bad thing so I thought I'd see if there was a way to prevent certain updates from displaying in the list and as it turns out there is and it's simple as pie...

In the Software update window you simply select the update you would like to ignore/hide and select Update -> Ignore Update (or hit backspace).

A prompt appears asking you to confirm that you'd like to ignore the update hit ok and you no longer have to worry about accidentally installing the wrong update and messing up your system. woo!

Apple have a knowledgebase article about this if you want a little more info. it can be found here