The internet is a funny place sometimes...

>> Thursday, 13 November 2008

First of all can I quickly apologise for the lack of on-topic posts for the last week or two, i've had a lot on my plate so haven't had much chance to update things as often as I'd like. there are a few drafts for the next couple of 'my perfect dev env' posts so i'll hopefully have them up in the next few days.

My main reason for posting however is the product I just found for sale online whilst browsing google. To give you some background, my first name is how can I put this, somewhat unique. Up until a year or two ago I knew of one other person in the world with the same first name as me. since then it's become a little more popular (although not in its common usage, there's the tower block, the scantily clad wannabe glamour model blogger[poss nws], the computer game npc and a whole raft of dog and cat owners who seem to have taken a shine to it too as a name for their pets).

But the find today shows just how far my name has come in recent times and proof positive that Internet really knows it's stuff too... All those years of having people misspell it even when I'm telling them how to do so (note: there is no 'u' anywhere in my name people, seriously) and re-telling the story of how I was given it and what it means have finally paid off... finally I've arrived and I'm getting the recognition I so rightly deserve. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you quite possibly the worlds greatest t-shirt (available in mens, ladies and even childrens sizes).

And this has had the added bonus of helping me decide what gifts to buy my friends and family for christmas too. awesome!