Scotch on the Road - 90 days away

>> Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My favourite ColdFusion event on the social calendar is rapidly approaching so I thought I'd re-iterate all the information bouncing around the net in case anyone wasn't already aware.

This years format for Scotch is slightly different to the other years. Following on from the great 1-day event 'A wee dram of Scotch' which took place in London the badgers are fully mobilising the conference and taking it on the road.

Venue details

  • 1st June 2009 - The Sway Bar, London
  • 3rd June 2009 - TigerTiger, Manchester
  • 5th June 2009 - The Caves, Edinburgh
Pricing info

A 1 day ticket will set you back a mere £49 (+ vat)
A ticket to any of the 2 days is just £89 (+ vat)
And if you want to attend all three events it'll only cost you £129 (+ vat)

To top it off the ticket prices even include lunch and 2 drinks at the bar.

If you or your company are sending a group of people there is also a group discount which gives you 5 tickets for the price of 4. you'll need to use a code which you can find on the SotR tickets page.

Speakers / Sessions
These are still being confirmed I believe but details will be up on the Scotch site in short order I'm sure. either way if any of the previous events are to anything to go by it'll be a blast and you'll learn something new.

Any other details you need can be found at

But Ciq will we get to meet you at any of these wonderful events?
Yes. My company are yet to confirm the details of which dates I can attend but even if all else fails I'll be showing my face at the drinks after the London event as it's just round the corner.

If you see me there say howdy.

oh and for people who have been waiting for another installment in my 'perfect OS X dev environment' series. I'm busily working on setting up a railo instance for testing the details of which I'll be posting in the upcoming few days.

until then stay loose and don't forget to book your Scotch tickets.