Quick Tip: making an image (.iso) of a DVD/CD using OS X

>> Wednesday, 2 September 2009

This is just a quick blog post to detail how to make a (mountable) image of a CD/DVD using nothing but the pre-supplied tools in OS X. It's a bit of a no-brainer once you know how but it's something I keep forgetting and I figure here's as good a place as any to make a note of how it's done for the next time my brain malfunctions.

Step 1. Insert your CD/DVD into it's corresponding drive.

congratulations you are now more proficient with computers than my Grandmother. have a gold star.

Step 2. Open the Disk Utility application which can be found in a subfolder of Applications called utilitys. You'll see your disk listed in the left hand pane, click on its name to highlight it.

Step 3. Now we create a new disk image by selecting the menu option File -> New -> Disk Image from "your CD/DVD name here"

Step 4. A popup window will appear asking you things like the name of the image you want to create, where to save it etc. the main thing we're concerned with here is making sure we set the image format setting to 'DVD/CD master'. Click Save and the image will be created in the location you specified.

Nearly there. This is rather exciting isn't it,

Step 5. Once the image has been created browse to it's location in Finder and you'll see a lovely new image file that is called .cdr. "hey! wait a minute. you said this was going to make me an .iso file not a .cdr. what gives?" I hear you cry. well fear not my intrepid compadres because here comes the wonderfully clever/magic bit. rename the file from .cdr to .iso and you're good to go.